About Eyes on Etsy

I am a 22-year-old psychology master’s student living in southern California. I like to read, bake, paint small pieces of furniture, scrapbook, play Rummy with my boyfriend, and browse Etsy.

For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy, let me introduce you.

Etsy is a magical, bountiful land of online creativity and commerce, specializing in handmade and vintage goods. I discovered it one day while wandering along (virtually), and fell head-over-heels in love. Now, just like any realistic love interest, Etsy is not 100% awesome 100% of the time. However, with a little patience, you can find some true gems… and I have.

So, seeing as I spend at least some part of every day browsing Etsy – and seeing as my list of Favorite items is well over 300 – I thought I’d share my finds with the world. Maybe you can afford to actually purchase something… 

Happy browsing!

P.S. A great many thanks to Dallas Nagata for coming up with the name, designing the banner, and helping me figure out this whole wordpress thing.


2 responses to “About Eyes on Etsy

  1. I love the clean look of your blog. I have been a vintage thrifter since birth and I stumbled upon etsy a few years ago and fell in love! I loved it so much I opened a store. Thanks!

  2. This is a LOVELY blog! I’m happy to have stumbled across it. Very nice favorites.

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